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Welcome to the SWinC Homepage!

SWinC is a Simple Windows Class I wrote aimed at beginner to intermediate windows programmers, who are already familiar with c++. This class promises to be quick and easy to use and learn using standard c++.

As a c++ programmer, I was very discouraged when faced with having to write windows progams. The Windows API is almost entirely in C and most other Window c++ class frameworks are not beginner friendly.

Currently, the project is in Alpha release. However, I do not know of any bugs in the code and it is quite usable. The biggest problem that may arise from using the alpha release is that it is constantly changing as I discover better ways of doing things and therefore breaking possibly old code.

I have generated some docs using doyxygen, they can be found here.

The sourceforge summary page is here.

The download is here.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions then you can post it in the public forum here.